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End of 2023

$ 2,023.00 USD
Creating fundamental piece of concept knowledge around product management and surrounding environment
PM blog
SEO optimization
Site promotion
Knowledge database

Middle 2024

$ 6,900.00 USD
Rise funds for website translation into the three most common languages. Fundraising campaign.
Fundraising campaign
Site translation
Interview with PM
Extended knowledge

Beginning 2025

$ 9,999.00 USD
5 language translation, Interactive learning map, and test materials. Comprehensive knowledge base.
Interactive learning map
5 languages
Testing module
>200 hours of materials

Common Questions

Will this site be updated?

Yes, am updating this site at least 4-5 times a week. So stay tuned!!

Can I propose a theme or blog post correction?

Yes. If you see anything wrong, want to propose theme or any other question, pls be free to write me.

Can I contribute to this site?

Yes. Feel free to write me, and we will find some solution!

Can I publish materials from this site on my site?

Yes. You can use all materials from this site, but please add the link to the site and credentials, so I can see results of my work. Thank you.

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