My vision

Over the past decade as a product manager, I've predominantly worked in multicultural start-up settings with global teams. This experience illuminated a pronounced disparity between teams regarding practices, frameworks, knowledge application, and even work habits. Although the realm of product management evolves rapidly, there remains an absence of a consolidated free knowledge hub. The world boasts numerous exceptional product leaders, yet the information they dispense remains fragmented.

My objective is to centralize fundamental knowledge and concepts of product management, structure them coherently, and make them accessible to everyone. In doing so, I aim to empower individuals to make informed, science-backed decisions rather than relying on conjecture.

Site growth roadmap

End of 2023

$ 2,023.00 USD
Creating fundamental piece of concept knowledge around product management and surrounding environment
PM blog
SEO optimization
Site promotion
Knowledge database

Middle 2024

$ 6,900.00 USD
Rise funds for website translation into the three most common languages. Fundraising campaign.
Fundraising campaign
Site translation
Interview with PM
Extended knowledge

Beginning 2025

$ 9,999.00 USD
5 language translation, Interactive learning map, and test materials. Comprehensive knowledge base.
Interactive learning map
5 languages
Testing module
>200 hours of materials

Common Questions

Will this site be updated?

Yes, am updating this site at least 4-5 times a week. So stay tuned!!

Can I propose a theme or blog post correction?

Yes. If you see anything wrong, want to propose theme or any other question, pls be free to write me.

Can I contribute to this site?

Yes. Feel free to write me, and we will find some solution!

Can I publish materials from this site on my site?

Yes. You can use all materials from this site, but please add the link to the site and credentials, so I can see results of my work. Thank you.

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