Custom device for telecom company

A product tailored for the telecom industry: the Specialized UPS, meticulously crafted in collaboration with one of the top 5 telecom operators, aims to bridge the chasm between traditional fixed-line availability and the rising dominance of portable devices.
Specialized UPS System Development for Telecom Operations Manager
Top 5 international telecom companies.
1 year.

The Specialized UPS for Telecom.

The Specialized UPS for Telecom is not just a product; it's a solution for specific pain points that our customers experienced for a long time. Born out of an alliance with one of the top 5 telecom operators, this UPS system is a direct response to the evolving landscape where smartphones and portable devices are the primary gateways to internet connectivity, and new challenges in network availability have risen. Beyond its functionality, the UPS has been sculpted, keeping telecom operators at the forefront - from its physical specifications and firmware design to foolproof safety and poka yoke mechanisms, ensuring unparalleled reliability and proof protection when installation is planned in different regions.

Adapting to the New Age: Overcoming Telecom's Power Challenges.

The transition from a world dominated by fixed lines to one where portable devices reign supreme posed a myriad of challenges. Ensuring seamless internet connectivity amid this shift and many limitations of already built fix line networks required not just a product but an innovative solution. Developing a UPS system that could guarantee uninterrupted service, cater specifically to the needs of telecom operators, and incorporate foolproof error-prevention mechanisms required a profound blend of creativity and technical prowess.


My Role: Bridging Traditional and Modern Connectivity.

My goal was crystal clear: develop a specialized UPS system tailored to the unique demands of telecom operators, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity in a world transitioning towards portable devices. With the collaborative expertise of one of the industry's giants, our objective extended beyond mere product development to creating a holistic solution, that included many techniques: Robust product, different harsh environment testing, Poka Yoke principles and designed tailored for the customer.

As A product manager, I was contributing on all steps of product developing, including ideation of the product and sourcing partners who can produce our vision in life.


Result: Success Beyond Numbers.

The impact of our Specialized UPS for Telecom resonates beyond the impressive sales figures. With over 20,000 devices supplied, translating to a monetary value exceeding 5 million USD, the real success lies in the enhanced network availability during power outages.

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