Marketing web Portal

Marketing Web Portal, a dedicated supplier's platform meticulously engineered to redefine product-marketing interactions, seamlessly integrating with CRM systems for enhanced synergy and functionality. This project was created in 2016-2017, the time before the age of SaaS applications.
Product developed: Powerful SaaS marketing web platform
16 Weeks

Supplier Interactions: The Web Portal Revolution.

The Web Portal isn’t merely a platform; it’s a transformative digital bridge, conceived to optimize and revolutionize supplier and product-marketing interactions. With an integration to CRM, our multi-faceted web platform offers a cohesive environment for users, catering to their unique needs. From impeccable UI/UX design to robust API infrastructure, every aspect has been curated with precision, ensuring unparalleled user experience. This project was finished before the era of SaaS application, when many features that are commonly used now were created and tested by our team.

Overcoming Web Portal Complexities.

Developing a holistic supplier's platform in the intricate web of product-marketing relationships posed multifaceted challenges. It was pivotal to understand and interpret nuanced user requirements, strike a balance between various cross-functional teams, and weave in the complexity of CRM integration. All these while ensuring the platform remained user-centric, intuitive, and met the ever-evolving demands of the digital age.


My Role: Product manager with million of stakeholders.

Our aspiration was to conceive a digital realm where product-marketing interactions flourish seamlessly. We envisioned a web portal that not only facilitates smooth communication but also stands as a beacon of user-centric design and functionality. This project was a deep diving into user research, understanding their challenges, and translating those into tangible solutions became the cornerstone of our mission. I was communicating with all types of stakeholders and finding solution that can be accepted by all of them.


Result: the Fruits of Innovation.

The culmination of our endeavors bore impressive results. Our platform magnetized over 200 consistent partners, underlining its efficiency. The incorporation of KPI monitoring and enhanced partner management capabilities heralded a new era in digital interactions. Notably, our operational expenditure on marketing saw a significant dip by 20%, while the productivity of the marketing department skyrocketed by over 50%. These strategic advantages collectively catalyzed an exponential growth, marking a remarkable 50% YoY surge in our end-customer base.

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